Radio Theatre

… Ready for Radio Theatre at it’s Finest? …

Knights of Dragonshire

***Click Here for Thine Free Mp3 Downlode
of Knights of Dragonshire!!!!!!******

53 minutes of medieval mirth, madness and mayhem!
Directed by and Starring Douglys of Howl-o
Written by M. Wellington


Music Video for Knights of Dragonshire!


Dragonshire Bonus Tracks on Mp3s!

Outakes and Bloopers

Directors Commentary with Douglys and Bella of Howl-o!

Theme Song Written and Performed by Howl-o
“The Dragon of Parley Peak” (Inferno Mix)

Teaser (Modi and French Girls)


Other Radio Theaters Featuring Howl-o

Douglys’ Music on
LightningBolt Theater of the Mind
“Mirror” Episode 1:}
Jason Andrews had the perfect life. He was a successful business man with his company to run, and a relationship with Cindy to enjoy. However, when he wakes up one day with the ability to sense the world of the supernatural lurking just under the surface of our world, things start to fall apart. He loses his job, his girlfriend, and much much more…
The only question is, can he stay alive?
Produced by Tanja Milojevic


Featuring Music from Howl-o!


Featuring Music of Howl-o and the Voice of Douglys

Douglys- thanks a million for all the kind words on my Grog and Gryphon- as well as the great Voice work and it is a privilege to use Howl-O in the GROG! ;-)
~Bill Hollweg


“2109: Black Sun Rising – BSR”.
An original Science Fiction Audio Drama….


2109 Black Sun Rising

Here’s a fun and fresh sci-fi audio drama from Bill Hollweg!

In episode 3, Douglys premiers in the role of the jaded Lt. Commander Adam Wentworth.

The year… 2107 A.D.
Asteroid Alpha…Located Halfway between Alpha Centauri and the Earth….FIRST CONTACT has now occurred…

Pike and the crew of the ASIMOV-3, light-years from home and stranded for the moment on said asteroid, now must deal with the consequences of life on other planets/asteroids…ALONE…

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