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Such Sweet Sorrow

30 Nov

IMG_1643.JPGThe tender friendships one gives up, on parting, leave their bite on the heart, but also a curious feeling of a treasure somewhere buried. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Myers-Briggs Personality Test


Getting banned from Facebook can have unexpected and professionally devastating consequences

12 Nov


Thomas Hart Benton tries to get 1930’s middle-America to love him with a giant nude of Persephone. It doesn’t work. Fast forward nearly 100 years, and posting that same nude could get you banned from a certain ubiquitous social network site …

(The following is from the article at Quartz Media by Jillian York)

Facebook’s “Community Standards” ban most types of nudity, under the grounds that some users “may be sensitive to this type of content— ”

If Facebook compromises on its professed values of freedom of expression and openness, where does that leave its five billion users, who may one day find themselves punished by the site for making political statements?

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