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    Troubadour Douglys
  2. Musician, artist, visionary, nature lover, songwriter, theater director/actor; Douglys seemingly landed on the planet with a love for music, dancing to the Beatles in his diapers. (How they got in his diapers, we’ll never know!) Fascinated by birdsong from an early age as well, he would later work in nature conservation; specifically wolf rescue. But we’re skipping ahead…


Growing up in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, he was raised in church where he developed a love of 4-part harmonies and soulful vocals. By age 15, he was in the top choir at his high school; and Douglys recalls his first encounter with the electric guitar; “They had a guitar which they kept around in one of the back music rooms. During lunch period, I would play that cheap little axe like nobody’s business, even though they had no amp for it!” It was at that period that he began writing songs with a passion.

Soon he was forming bands with his original material, and headlined an Earth Day festival at SMU in Springfield MO.  Feeling the traveling bug, he headed off to the Arizona desert where he lived as an artist, making didgeridoos from agave cacti, and polyclay sculptures of Poison Dart Frogs.


2000 was a yet another pivotal year; he worked with rescued wolves, got a home studio and cut his first album, and also attended his first Renaissance Faire in Kansas City, MO.  He says, “People had always told me that I should experience a Renfaire, and they were spot-on about that! My favorite books are “The Once and Future King” and “Don Quixote“, and once spent an entire summer reading “Ivanhoe and listening to Eldorado by ELO.”  He immediately borrowed a book of Renaissance music from the library and learned as many songs as he could, playing and singing with other Rennies around the campfire – “one of the best times of my life.” He began gigging as a Strolling Minstrel at faires across the country.

His heroes include  inventor and botanist George Washington Carver, writer Mark Twain, comedians Groucho Marx and Steve Martin, and Thomas Hart Benton, “The First Great American Painter.”

He produced all of Howl-o’s albums and Radio Theatre.
Douglys also contributes his voice acting talents and music to other Audio Dramas, such as the Grog and Gryphon Show.
He Directed and Starred in “Knights of Dragonshire” Radio Theater and Stage Production.




The multi-talented Bella. Vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards, mandolin, xylophone. The voice of INFERNO in the radio theatre  production of Knights of Dragonshire,

In 2003, Howl-o released their first full length cd, Ren-ditions,  breathing new life into 14 traditional songs. They have released four full length albums; plus Merry, a very eclectic Yule cd.



3 Responses to “Bios”

  1. Lady Em January 16, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    I found you both!!! 😀

    • douglys February 2, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

      Great to hear from you! Takes me back to the days when we were “artist of the month” at!!! Tell us more of your goings on these days!!!

  2. douglys July 16, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    Howwwls it going Ravie! Are you stoked about the ELO show in less than 2 months?!

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